Christmas Sale!

Time for a brief commercial announcement:

Give the gift of science this Christmas! Special factismals collections and the first volume of the Secret Science Society’s fun is available on Smashwords at half off! that’s right! Buy them before Christmas and you’ll only pay half as much as you would normally. Though most sales are after Christmas, I’m running this one right before.

To get the sales price, just enter the coupon code given below. But hurry! These deals go away soon!

The factismals series is all about the little bits of science that make it so interesting. Each book contains a month’s worth of little facts (factismals) that explain a bit of science. Even better, each day includes a link to a science experiment that you can take part in! And the best part is that your work in each experiment will help the researchers doing the experiment! This isn’t one of those “kill a potato” books; you’ll have opportunities to do *real* science and work with *real* scientists. You’ll be participating in the movement known as “citizen science”.

So take a look. Give an experiment or two a try. What do you have to lose?

birdbrainscover Factismals For Bird Brains
Coupon Code EC67K

Did you ever wonder how many different types of reptile there are (and if any live near you)? Or orcas sound like (and if they have accents)? Or how many people are killed every year by sharks (and how many sharks are killed by people)? Then this is the book for you!

healthnutscover Factismals For Health Nuts
Coupon Code UD55U

Did you ever wonder what blood types mean (and if yours is special)? Or how they name diseases (and if you can get one named for you)? Or how they stopped diseases like cholera (and if you could do it, too)? Then this is the book for you!

spacecadetscover Factismals for Space Cadets
Coupon Code RH34Z

Did you ever wonder how they choose the names for astronomical objects (and if you could name a few yourself)? Or what Jupiter sounds like (and if you could listen)? Or whatever happened to atomic rockets (and if you could ride along)? Then this is the book for you!

cover2 The Secret Science Society
With illustrations by Mel. White!
Coupon Code HN23Y

Do you like to make a mess? Do you like to discover how the world works? So do Peter and Mary, who want to be scientists when they grow up. Like all scientists, they enjoy doing experiments. And like you, they don’t have much money so they have to use simple and inexpensive materials. Luckily for them, there are plenty of experiments that can be done using just the things found at home! This book contains their first ten adventures. Read along as they ask questions, make predictions, and then see what the answer is!

In this book, Mary and Peter will discover what it feels like to be in space, how to make rainbows in the backyard, and how to do something impossible. Grab your friends and join in on the fun!

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