September 13 – Fairy Interesting


The world’s smallest penguin is about a foot tall, weighs about three pounds,and is known as the fairy penguin in Australia. That last part is the most amusing because in Australia, these little delights live under the Manly Beach ferry building. Though most people associate penguins with Antarctica, they actually live in Australia, New Zealand, and South America as well; some species have even been seen as far north as the Galapagos Islands!

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the fairy (or little) penguin is that it is nocturnal. Where most penguins head out to sea during the day (mainly because most of them live in Antarctica where the day lasts months at a time), this little kipper eater prefers to take its dip during the nighttime. Their favorite meals ar anchovies (hold the pizza), sardines, squid, and the occasional crab. As of right now, the fairy penguin population is doing fairy well indeed, with more than 500,000 individuals across Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania.

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