June 1 – No Accident

Today’s factismal: June is National Safety Month.

Every year, more than 130,000 Americans die in accidents. The vast majority of those are in car accidents, but slips, trips, and falls kill about 30,000 Americans each year and nearly 40,000 Americans are accidentally poisoned. In addition, thirty-one million Americans go to the emergency room each year for injuries caused by accidents. Worldwide, the total is even more staggering; more than 1,300,000 people are killed each year in preventable accidents. And accidents cost more than lives. More than $200,000,000,000 is wasted each year thanks to accidents!

This person is having a safe, fun time (My camera)

This person is having a safe, fun time
(My camera)

So how do you prevent an accident? By practicing simple safety measures, of course! The first rule is to be prepared. Always know what you are getting into and take the appropriate precautions. Wear safety gear, which could be anything from a T-shirt (to prevent skin cancer) to a helmet (to prevent your brains from falling out) to a seat belt (to prevent impromptu flying lessons). The second rule is to be aware. When driving, assume that everyone is out to get you (especially in Houston where more often than not, they are). When walking, keep an eye out for rocks and trip hazards. When working, know where the first aid kit and automatic defibrillator are stored and who knows how to use them. And when playing, remember that losing an eye isn’t as much fun as it sounds like. And the third rule of safety is to be there. Most accidents happen because someone loses track of what they are doing. So when you cook, cook the food not the TV. When you walk, walk the ground not the trees. And when you drive, drive the car not the phone!

This is never safe. (My camera)

This is never safe.
(My camera)

If you’d like to learn more about National Safety Month andget some materials to share, then head on over to:

Remember: Safety Is No Accident!

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