November 19 – Trash Talking

Today’s factismal: Every year, Americans throw away 252 million pounds of Styrofoam cups.

It is no secret that America is addicted to trash. Even if we ignore the daily doings of soi disant “celebrities”, there are the heaps and piles of discarded doo-dads and greasy garbage that we generate every day. To take just one example, Americans throw away 252 million pounds of Styrofoam cups over the course of a year; if that plastic were recycled, it would save enough energy to light a home for a year!

And there are plenty of other examples. Consider the humble aluminum can. Even though you can get paid for turning them in to be recycled, most people just toss them in the trash and ignore the money that they are losing. Or there is the question of plastic bottles for bottled water; recycling one of those saves enough energy to run a TV for an hour.

Recycling does more than just make you feel good. It actually helps save the environment. That’s because recycling plastics mean that we use less oil and gas. Recycling glass and aluminum means that we use less energy. And recycling paper means that we cut down on the amount of crud going into our dumps. And all three of those mean that we are improving our environment and our country – and those are good things!

Every year on November 15, the America Recycles Day organization asks you to pick just one thing and recycle it. It could be a piece of paper or a bit of bark or even just a jelly jar. By recycling it, you’ll help the environment. You’ll help your country. And you’ll help yourself.

To learn more, head on over to the America Recycles Day website:

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