October 22 – Against The Fading Of The Light

Today’s factismal: The last solar eclipse of 2014 takes place tomorrow evening at 3:30 PM EDT (assuming that you live in Alaska).

If you live anywhere in North America, get ready! You won’t want to miss the last eclipse of 2014. It happens tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 PM and will be visible across the entire continent. Though this will only be a partial eclipse, thanks to the Moon’s angle with the Sun, it nevertheless promises to be a spectacular show.

Tomorrow's eclipse (Image courtesy NASA)

Tomorrow’s eclipse
(Image courtesy NASA)


Local Eclipse Times
City Eclipse Starts Eclipse Ends
 Anchorage, AK  11:55 AM 2:28 PM
 Baltimore, MD  5:51 PM  6:15 PM
 Baton Rouge, LA  5:02 PM  5:59 PM
 Dallas, TX  4:48 PM  5:43 PM
 Oklahoma City, OK  4:40 PM  5:48 PM
 Portland, OR  1:37 PM  4:22 PM
 Richmond, VA  5:55 PM  6:21 PM
 Tallahassee, FL  6:09 PM  6:56 PM
 Denver, CO  3:18 PM  5:44 PM

Of course, eclipses don’t just happen in one year; we have some every year. There will be four eclipses in 2015. On April 4, before you pay your taxes, you can see a total lunar eclipse from the central US through all of Europe and Africa. On March 20, you can watch the total solar eclipse if you live in the middle of the north Atlantic Ocean (great if you are a fish). On September 15, there will be a partial solar eclipse that will be most visible if you happen to be a penguin; outside of Antarctica and parts of Australia, it won’t be visible at all. Then on September 28, there will be another total lunar eclipse; this time it is visible mostly over Asia. If you’d like to learn more about eclipses, including if you’ll be able to see any of the four eclipses visible next year, then head on over to the NASA Eclipse Web Site:

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