October 13 – Getting Old

Today’s factismal: This is the start of Earth Science Week – have you hugged a geologist today?

This week is Earth Science Week, celebrating all of the fun that can be found in studying the Earth. (Teachers: The AGI has a special free packet of goodies just for you!) So the posts this week will all be about earth sciences. And to start with, we’ll explore deep time.

The Earth is 4.6 billion years old (give or take a couple of weeks). But most people, heck most geologists, don’t have a good feel for just how long that really is. So I’ve taken the history of the Earth and put it into a time scale that we can appreciate: that of a 45-year old person. Looked at that way, the following events would have marked your life:

There – doesn’t that make you feel better about your mid-life crisis?

For more information on Earth Science Week, head over to the AGI website:

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