August 27 – School Daze

Today’s factismal: There are 49,600,000 school kids in the USA; 91% of them will graduate high school.

At first blush, the number of schoolchildren that graduate high school looks good. Out of the 49.6 million children who are school age, we can expect 45.1 million to get a high school diploma. Why is that important? Because a high school diploma is the first step on the road to self-sufficiency. If you don’t graduate from high school, then you’ll earn a paltry$22,900 each year. But sticking through that tedious English class long enough to get that sheepskin will raise your earnings to $30,000 – that’s a 31% raise for just turning in your homework!

And things get even better if you stick around long enough to get a college degree. How does $46,900 a year sound? Suddenly, that new car sounds a lot more affordable, doesn’t it? And if you choose the right field, you can earn lots more. A new geologist in the oil and gas industry will earn $99,000 a year (forget the new car – you can have a new plane!). But it all depends on education, which depends on teachers.

Want more money? Stay in school!

Want more money? Stay in school!

And that’s where citizen science comes in. There are a number of resources for teachers that will help them get those little hellions to understand concepts such as mass, gravity, Avogadro’s number, and black body temperature. But teachers need interested parents (that’s you) to let them know that the resources exist. So do your part and point your kids’ teachers toward the follow resources – unless, of course, you want your kids to live in your basement for the rest of your life!
Physics Songs
Simple geophysics demonstrations
Chemistry demonstrations
Biology demonstrations
Math and science demonstrations
Sing about science
ZooTeach (A Zooniverse project)

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