December 31 – Auld Lang Syne

Today’s factismal: There were 348 factismals posted in 2013 on this blog!

Today marks the end of a year and an experiment. I wanted to see if it was possible to post a new science fact every day for a year and link it to an interesting citizen science opportunity. Though I didn’t quite make my goal (thanks to sickness and travel, I missed about twenty days), I gave it a pretty good run. And, thanks to the response that I’ve been getting, I’ll keep this up for next year as well!

So what can you expect next year? I’ll still post factismals about five times a week. Some of them will be brand new and others will be recycled (hey, the science never stops!). But I’m also going to add a couple of new features. You’ve already seen one of them: science experiments that you can do at home that help illustrate some of the fundamental ideas of science. In addition to that, I’ll add extracts from a book on planetology that I am writing (no math, I promise!) and science-based short stories aimed at middle-school students.

I’ll also be turning more of the factismals into short ebooks like these:

space_cadets_coverThe first one is called Factismals For Space Cadets and includes posts on how astronomical objects get named, what Jupiter sounds like, and why we never got those atomic rockets we were promised. The second is titled Factismals For Health Nuts and covers topics such as the meaning of blood types, how cholera was stopped by a pump handle, and how diseases get their names.

Healt_nuts_coverEach book includes thirty days of factismals and citizen science opportunities. They are available on Kindle and iTunes for the bargain basement price of $1.49 each. If you’ve enjoyed my posts, please consider picking up a copy!




See you next year!

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