October 20 – That Stinks!

Today’s factismal: National Chemistry Week starts today – have a blast!

October is a good month for science geeks. Not only is it the month when the Concorde first broke the sound barrier and when Willy Ley (one of the founding fathers of modern rocketry) was born, it is also home to not one but two science weeks. Last week was Earth Science Week, filled with lots of science related to Earth and the environment. This week is National Chemistry Week and it promises to be a bang-up time for all!

Like Earth Science Week, National Chemistry week is promoted by professional scientists who would like to see more people get interested in what they do. As you might guess from the name, National Chemistry Week is sponsored by the American Chemical Society which is the world’s largest group of chemists. And, as happened last week, these chemists have put together a wonderful assortment of games and activities for ordinary folks and for teachers. So don’t just sit there like an inert lump – go react with one of the fun ways that they’ve put together to celebrate National Chemistry Week!

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